15 reason why you should visit Ijen Crater

All world class tourist destinations certainly have the reasons to visit. The beauty of the panorama, the availability of its supporting facilities, the hospitality of its people, even its spectacular attractions.

A million charms accompany Ijen Crater that located on the easternmost of Java Island, millions of reasons also makes people to come because interested in its splendor. Here is a summary of the reasons why you should visit Ijen Crater.

Menkeu Sri Mulyani di puncak Gunung Ijen

1. Ijen Crater is the only active volcano that has the largest caldera lake in Java Island. The lake is located at a depth of ± 300 meters from the crater lip, with an area of ​​± 570,000 meters² and the depth of the lake ± 200 meters. The caldera itself is already the largest in the world, this even coupled with the largest caldera lake on the island of Java.

2. The only place where you can see the Blue Fire phenomenon almost every night of the year. Although you usually see the Blue Fire in your home stove, but this particular one is a natural occurrence. Natural Blue Fire exists only in two places in the world. The first is in the Ethiopian State, precisely at the Dallol Hydrothermal Site, a desert with a complex of 30 active and inactive volcanoes on it, but Blue Fire is here only at a point called Dannakil Depression, and rarely due to geothermal flow mixed with sulfur minerals occur erratically. The second one is in Ijen Crater. Unlike Blue Fire Dannakil, in here (Ijen Crater) you can see it almost every night of the year.

3. Almost no incidents caused the loss of life in Ijen Crater. But, you must comply with all written rules and directives submitted by the sulfur miners, the management officers, the tour guides, or the travel agencies you are using. Mount Ijen as an active volcano that is very friendly to visitors.

4. The lake with the most acid water in the world with a pH > 0,5. The water in Ijen Crater Lake is very acidic, corrosive, contains a high percentage of metallic minerals, contains high concentrations of sulfidic acid as well, and has a fairly high temperature of ± 60 – 80º Celsius. If you want to swim in it, better undo the crazy intentions. Your skin will burn and itch due to heavy irritation, your knees will soften suddenly and then erode little by little with a short time, as well as your hair and bones. However, although the lake is very dangerous to swim, the lake is beautiful that actually shows the splendor of this active volcano. Very beautiful and memorable for anyone who has ever seen it.

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5. There is a conventional sulfur mining activity carried out by extraordinarily strong guys here. Although the miners have small body sizes (naturally the size of the Indonesian body), they have the power and strength that can not be underestimated. They can carry baskets containing large sulfur chunks weighing 70 kg on average, and some even carry a sulfur that reaches 100 kg on their shoulders. Every day there are 150 traditional sulfur miners working. Some began to mine at night, some began to mine in the morning. They usually carry sulfur from the bottom of the caldera to the top 3-5 times per day, then proceed with a trolley from the top to the Paltuding Parking Area with a load of 200-250 kg in the trolley. Some foreigner tourists say that “they’re not human anymore, they’re Superman’s masters”.

6. Spectacular view around the summit of Mount Ijen. At the top, you can see clearly a towering volcano far beyond Mount Ijen itself, Mount Merapi Ungup-Ungup (2968 meters above sea level), on the northeast side, very clear, very close, and very beautiful of course. In addition to the east there are Mount Baluran (1247 meters above sea level ), southeast of Mount Raung (3332 meters above sea levek) and Mount Suket (2950 meters above sea level), to the south is clearly visible Mount Meranti / Ranti (2664 meters above sea level), west of Mount Pendil (2950 meters above sea level). If the sky is clear, you can see all the mountains from the top, with their shape and their splendor.

7. Mount Ijen itself has a height of 2799 masl. It has a relatively short and easy climbing route, making it perfect for traveling with family. The 3 km track from the entrance is equipped with various facilities that make it easier for visitors to climb. There are toilets, rest stations, stalls, and dozens of “taxi” pullers that spread along the track. Not infrequently, the visitors forget the time because too fun to enjoy the climb while resting on the rest areas.

8. There is one main point where you can see the cluster of stars in the Milky Way galaxy clearly, that is at the point Ratan Atas. Not only see, you can also take pictures of sky views that are decorated billions of stars. With very low light intensity, allowing visitors to take pictures of the cluster of stars, usually the people call it astrophotography activity.

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9. The peak of Mount Ijen has a sunrise spot which also has awesome views. Namely Pos Baru, 1.5 km from Ratan post. You should continue the journey up to 1.5 km but with a relatively easy and gentle terrain, no need to spend a lot of energy to get through it. Once you are satisfied witnessing the Blue Fire phenomenon, you can continue your journey to hunt for the rising sun moment in the east. However, because on the northeast side there is Mount Merapi Ungup-Ungup, you can only see the sun rises clearly from May to September, because the rest of the sun rises right behind the volcano Ungup-Ungup, it only shows an orange dawn sky only. In addition, you can enjoy both beauty at once in this sunrise spot. That is the view of Ijen Crater lake and sunrise views simultaneously.

10. There are many facilities provided by the manager for visitors who come to Ijen Crater. Starting from a large parking area at Paltuding post, dozens of traditional stalls selling a variety of visitor needs, clean toilets, wifi network providers, guest houses and campgrounds, as well as a “taxi” puller for visitors who want to go to the mountains Ijen easily without feeling so tired.

11. There are several attractions that are not less beautiful around Mount Ijen. The closest is Mount Ranti tourism scenery that presents the clear view of Banyuwangi and the peak of Mount Ijen from the peak of Mount Ranti itself and the best sunset spot in Ijen mountain complex. Then there is Wurung Crater in Bondowoso District, no need to walk, just 20 minutes by boarding your vehicle has reached the tourist attraction.

The Unfamous yet Fabulous Wurung Crater of Bondowoso.

12. For those of you who are very fond of coffee, around Mount Ijen there are many stalls and restaurants that present one of the pre-eminent coffee varieties in Indonesia, namely Exelsa Ijen coffee or can also be called Java Ijen coffee. The varieties of coffee that goes into the ranks of single origin coffee that has a special flavor typical of their respective regions. In the area of ​​Banyuwangi there are many stalls that sell it to drink on the spot or even made a souvenir for family or relatives at home. Similarly, in the Bondowoso area. One Mexican food blogger once said that coffee grown in soils with high mineral concentrations around the volcano is the best coffee of all the coffee that grows on Earth.

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13. There are many choices of resorts and comfortable dwellings to choose from around Mount Ijen. Ijen Resort & Villas, Java Banana Resort, Grand Harvest Resort, Sahid Osing Hotel, etc. For those who want to stay in a comfortable yet but not too expensive place, there are many guest house, homestay, or daily boarding options before you start enjoying the beauty of Mount Ijen. The average resort and homestay there offers an atmosphere of peacefulness of the village along with natural and cultural charm to be enjoyed by tourists.

14. The people around Mount Ijen is very kind and friendly to visitors who visited Mount Ijen. The community happiness index around the slope of Ijen is very high because of its excellent social life. So that anyone who comes and interacts with the community surely they will be infected plague of happiness as well. They do not hesitate to give something they have just to welcome guests at their home. Always smiling and joking, always helping when you need help, and the main thing is they do these goodness not because of money oriented, but because traditions and intuition are moving on their own. Believe me, there are people as happy as they are on this earth.

Menko Kemaritiman Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Menkeu Sri Mulyani, dan Gubernur BI Agus Martowardojo, serta Bupati Banyuwangi Abdullah Azwar Anas saat naik ke puncak Gunung Ijen di Banyuwangi, Jumat (2/3/2018).

15. If you come to Mount Ijen from Banyuwangi, take a moment to witness the attractions of the Osing community art and cultural performances. Almost every day there are cultural arts performances as one offer for tourists to complete their best travel experience. The Osing community is a native Banyuwangi Original people that has settled in the vicinity of the Ijen mountains and has given birth to many unique traditions that well-known to the world.

Well, that’s 15 reasons you should come to Ijen Crater. Let’s make your greatest experience with us. Go Explore !!!

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