Traveling Tips on Ijen Crater

These tips are delivered by experienced people that already visiting the Ijen Crater, for those who still have not visited it at all. May be useful…

1. Do a searching on google to find out what is Ijen Crater and how the terrain is there. If you do not know what is Ijen Crater that would be fools if you thought the beach, it turns out after preparation and leave then the fact turned out to be a mountain. Already take the swimsuit preparation as much as it turns out … .. Crazy right?

2. Prepare all kinds of needs during the tour takes place. Mainly the physical preparation so as not to sick in the tour, prepare personal medicines for your congenital illness. Remember, during the tour you must be healthy, to really enjoy the sensation of tourism. Physically you should be healthy.

3. Calculate your daily costs during the trip, so do not run out of budget when your tour is still ongoing. Imagine if you run out of cost on the way, what do you want? Yes it can be selling personal equipment, or selling services to wash dishes, or be a sulfur miner without makes the others upset. Could anyone be interested in finding an antimainstream experience here?

4. Choose the safest and least risky mode of transportation. Do not just choose a cheap but ignore the safety of self. This is the most important, better bit expensive but totally safe than cheap but harmful. Because the existing road to the crater Ijen quite extreme and dangerous. There are many choices of transportation modes, using the special Ijen Crater transport in the form of Jeep cars with the performance of 4 WD or double axle, the driver is already very experienced at all. This one really really recommended. But, the safest and cheapest is on foot, want to try ??

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5. If in your group no one has ever visited Ijen Crater, better ask for help to at least a tour guide. What purpose?? The purpose is that you can manage your time to enjoy the maximum sensation of traveling in Ijen Crater, minimize the occurrence of accidents due to ignorance of visitors about the condition of the mountain, also visitors could get information and important knowledge about your destination. Many people said like that, “yes, it’s just one way and lots of people that goes up”, but when something unexpected happens like unconsciously blocking the road of the miners who is carrying a very heavy burden and then hit by the miner then fell, injured, who will be responsible and help you guys?? Ask for the help of dragon ball also may impossible seem like ….

6. Do not forget to bring a narcissistic set of tools like pocket camera, DSLR camera, camera phone, gopro, drone, selfie stick, tripod, and so forth. Make sure the condition of your narcissistic equipment is no problem before you were regret because after you have reached the destination your memory is running out or full, low battery, or the camera can not focus. In addition to guiding you guys, asking for help to your Tour Guide can also help you to take your togetherness without having one of you is not on the camera screen.

7. There are many things you can do before starting a tour in Ijen Crater, especially when you just arrives in the destination city. Such as drinking coffee, culinary tour, city tour, or watching cultural arts performances of the community. Instead of wasting valuable time, it is better to consult with your agency or tour guide you are entrusting. It must be fun as long as you communicate, all will be smooth and memorable.

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8. Pastikan untuk menghormati dan menjunjung tinggi norma dan budaya Osing disini. Dimana bumi dipijak, disitu pula langit dijunjung. Tujuannya adalah agar mendapat sambutan yang baik pula dari masyarakat. Jangan buang sampah sembarangan, dan coba untuk ikut menjaga kebersihan dan kelestarian Kawah Ijen dengan cara mengingatkan sesama pengunjung yang masih buang sampah sembarangan atau melakukan tindakan vandalism. Jadi, ketika kalian datang kembali disini, Kawah Ijen masih tetap asri dan sambutan masyarakat yang sudah mengenal kalian juga akan lebih mengesankan.

Be sure to respect and uphold the Osing community’s norm and culture here. Where the earth stepped on , there is also the sky upheld. The purpose is to get a good reception also from the community. Do not throw garbage carelessly, and try to take care of the cleanliness and sustainability of Ijen Crater by reminding another visitors who still throw garbage carelessly or take vandalism. So, when you come back here, Ijen Crater is still beautiful and the people would be very welcome to you. Especially the people who already know you, their service will be more impressive.

9. Choose the best residence in accordance with your financial condition, close to Ijen Crater, and have a comfortable living atmosphere. There are so many hotels and inns (homestay) that you can stay to spend the night or rest after a tour in Ijen Crater. If you want to stay in the homestay at a price of 100-250rb per night you can ask the travel agency or the tour guide that you trust. They certainly knows where the recommended inns in real.

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10. Visit to start your travel plans. Look in the bottom right corner of your gadget (smartphone or computer), there is a chat apps there, choose one of the name there and customer care will serve you with as friendly as human beings. Ask all sorts of questions related to your tourism plan, to be the best and well planned. Tell your friends, your family, spouses, coworkers, your boss, or your neighbors about your wonderful experiences during a trip with Ijen Impressive Tour.

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