Pemuteran is a famous spot to do snorkeling in Bali, with the soft-streamed water flows and underwater temple inside. Makes this spot become to favourite destination by foreigners.

Biorock and Coral Reef right on the main beach is rare anywhere in the world. Here it is also free! Just make your way to the beach, hire your goggles and snorkel then enter the water at the marked locations along the beach. Do make sure you put on sunscreen or at least a t-shirt as you will be burned to a crisp within 30 minutes. The reef and bio rock is extensive so you can easily spend a day here. There are no touts or other hassles at all. It is very Wheelchair friendly too.

There is a lonely peak around 100 meters high just next to the western side of the main beach. You can see perfectly the whole coastal area from the top and if weather permits mount Ijen in eastern Jawa will appear on the horizon. On your way up you will see two temples set beautifully in the hill’s landscape. Use your natural sense of orientation or find the Gecko homestay to reach the feet of the peak. Go up by the concrete path starting with some steep run of stairs. (15 min walk)

Just a couple of kilometers east from Pemuteran is a Monkey Temple right beside the road (Pura Pulakih). The dozens of monkeys here are better behaved than those in Ubud. They make a great photo opportunity, particularly with the ocean and beach background. Locals feed them fruit but its not a good idea to put down your bag or leave windows open in parked cars.


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Wisata Pantai Lovina dengan Lumba-lumbanya

Di pantai yang berpasir hitam ini, lumba-lumba hidup dengan bebas di dalam laut lovina. Tidak ada nelayan yang berani menangkap ikan lumba-lumba ini untuk di jual karena ikan lumba-lumba di pantai lovina ini telah di lindungi oleh undang-undang pemerintah setempat. Ada Apa Di Pantai Lovina? “Di pantai lovina ada lumba-lumbanya”, Seperti menjadi sebuah ikon tersendiri untuk pantai lovina ini dalam …

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Wisata di Desa Pemuteran Bali

Di tahun 80-an, orang-orang desa pemuteran bali yang bekerja sebagai nelayan selalu mencari ikan dengan merusak terumbu karang. Mereka menggunakan BOM ikan untuk menangkap ikan secara masal tanpa peduli dengan lingkungan terumbu karang. Adalah seorang tokoh masyarakat yang bernama I Gusti Agung Prana yang mulai sadar betapa pentingnya lingkungan terumbu karang di desa pemuteran bali. Beliau mulai mengajarkan masyarakat betapa …

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Objek wisata pantai Amed Bali

Objek wisata pantai Amed berlokasi di ujung Timur pulau Bali, butuh waktu 3 jam naik mobil dari wilayah Kuta dan Bandara. Berkunjung ke pantai Amed anda bisa sewa mobil di Bali, kemudian sempatkan waktu perjalanan anda menjadi rangkaian tour yang menarik, karena sepanjang perjalanan melalui by pass Ida Bagus Mantra anda bisa singgah ke sejumlah objek wisata di Bali seperti …

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